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About the hostel

The comfortable facilities of La Bella Samaria Hostel & Hotel Boutique meet the architectural richness of its building Art Deco style built in 1937, with its recent renovation to provide comfort to the guests, who can enjoy our modern and fun shared rooms or our romantics and spacious private rooms, all filled with natural light from the sunshine of Santa Marta and the cool breeze from the sea and the majestically Sierra Nevada.

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Our prices included
  • - American Breakfast
  • - Welcome Cocktail
  • - 20 % off in bike rental
  • - Express Check In / Check Out
  • - Free Wifi
  • - 10 % off in Santa Terraza
  • - Free drinks every day, from 6 pm 7 pm in Santa Terraza
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    Shared rooms
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    Do not feel tight and limited because here you can rest when you finish exploring the city, you'll make new friends, relax after returning from the beach and sleep when the party ends.

    Private rooms
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    Rooms at La Bella Samaria are large white walls, double height ceilings and are tastefully decorated to promote the romance of the colonial era mixed with the atmosphere of joy and fun offered by our facilities.

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    A unique space in Santa Marta to share a beer, a drink, a delicious cocktail and our fine cuisine full of local influences with a menu designed to share with your couple, family or friends and if you are alone is just the ideal place to make new friends sand find your new Santo or Santa.

    Our panoramic views of the illuminated historic center under a clear sky and cool breeze that bathes the coast from the Sierra Nevada come together in a space with good music, nice people, fun atmosphere and fair prices. Our concept is relaxed and only here can enjoy the original hookahs to forget your sins and go with the fun and joy of the place

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    Points of interest
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    Santa Marta has magical and distinctive features, the Sierra Nevada is the mountain coastline highest in the world with its peak Bolivar which is also the highest elevation of Colombia and the Tayrona Park declared by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage since 1979.

    Santa Marta also enjoys the title of the first city founded in South America (Year 1525),and is the birthplace of the Kogi, Arhuaco, Wiwa and Kankuamos ethnicities. A beautiful city wide architectural value for its many colonial and republican buildings; its hotel infrastructure, the historic center, varied and rich cuisine and the lovely white sand beaches

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    Contact us

    We are attentive and willing to assist you before, during and after your stay in La Bella Samaria. Contact us and feel free to express your questions, doubts or requests, we will be happy to assist you

    • Phone e99071faa3576ff76fcea070881ec526450a4cdaf45625da450acdf87279b523 +57 238 48 58
    • Email 7274c1efb6dde4ab8a1c8dd22be054f214632be2764b11cf093ec9c9a4cc27fc info@labellasamaria.com
    • Location 597358c00bef3667630bc38be728e8b1d64a2049cf7fcbdf54b494806ddf3c92 Calle 11 # 04-06 (Esquina) Centro Historico,
      Santa Marta, Colombia.
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